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It doesn't matter if you are an award-winning book writer or someone who just came up with an idea to write a book and came up with your very first draft, there is always room for several mistakes to be made by the writer. At Professional Book Writing, our team of professional book editors and publishing editors understand that completely and provide you with top quality writing solutions at the best price possible and deliver everything within the promised deadline of the project without increasing the cost of editing a book.

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Our Approach

Our Primary Goal Is To Enhance & Add Value For Our Authors Through Online Book Marketing


Precise & Efficient Marketing Campaigns

Our team has the expertise, experience and knowledge when it comes to running an excellent book marketing campaign. We are familiar with the most efficient strategies to target the right prospects and sell your books like wildfire


Effective Tools & Skills

Regardless of the genre, we utilize the right tools and platforms to optimize and market your book. We are the best for your needs in brand management, advertising, social media, algorithms, influencing, and analytics.


Personalized Service

We adjust and rectify the services we offer according to the requirements of your project, fully taking into account your plans and ideas and your book's genre. We make sure the service you receive is personalized.

Our Process

Submission Of The Draft
We initiate the project upon receiving the draft from the client alongisde any special instructions if necessary.
Primary Editing
For every project, one editor thoroughly peruses the draft while we keep two at the disposal of the project if the initial book editor fails to satisfy the needs of the clients. He/She furhter adds comments about the edits required and returns the draft for client’s review before proceeding further with the project.
Secondary Editing
The editor(s) goes through the revised draft and makes the changes as advised or approved by the client after every set delivered from our end.
Copyediting and Proofing
Once we fulfill all of the book editing requirements, the draft is then forwarded to a senior editor/proofreader for final proofreading and review before the book formatting and publishing process takes place.
After the proofreading is completed, the manuscript is finalized after formatting and then sent to the client for a final look before getting it aligned for publishing.

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Client Testimonials

We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our work.


"I am a creative writer too but due to lack of time, I had to order my book. I was conscious in the beginning whether this company professional book writing. would be able to stand on my expectations or not. But the moment I got my first draft I has truly impressed with their level of work and flawlessness. They have made my idea shine with creativity and a superior writing style."

Isabella Lindner
Chairman - CEO


"professional book writing. has been wonderful in editing my book. They are working in a very timely and responsive way. I appreciate the easy way of communicating with them via email, phone and texting. I had my book already written and so they are doing the editing, making suggestions and if I don't like them they are very amiable with my rejections. I really like working with them and have already recommended them to several other people."

Juan Jose


"I can only agree with the positive reviews - I have recommended the company from a friend, which is why I wanted to try it. I can say that I am very satisfied with the service, the order was processed quickly and the price fits. Very recommendable."

Julian Rausch
Educationist and Author


"Top agency. Had no time to prepare my idea into a proper book, so I sought here professional help and was not disappointed. The process with data transfer and preparation was very fast and excellent. Everything is right here, the quality of the work and the price. Thank you again."

Olli J Klein

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